Marathon Road Maintenance Equipment:

Marathon is one of the nation‘s largest manufacturers of road maintenance equipment. Their equipment is known for its durability and value. And unlike some of their competitor’s equipment, brakes are standard on all their equipment.

Marathon Crack Sealing/Waterproofing Kettles

Oil jacketed rubberized melting kettles come gas powered or diesel powered. The KERA models have an applicator wand like no other. The patented 18 ft oil heated hose system allows you to keep your material heated all the time very conveniently with a top quality hose system. 150 gallon and 250 gallon KERA150BRE and KERA250BRE are available for those customers who like a electric hose system instead of oil heated hose system. Overnight heating is standard as well as automatic temperature control, hydraulic agitation and trailer mounted. It comes in 145 gallon and 250 gallon capacities. Diesel or propane heat available.

Marathon Walk Behind Crack Sealers

KERA10 oil jacketed rubberized melting kettles are perfect for small or infrequent jobs. Very easy walk behind 10 gallon units are gravity pour, propane fired, and manual agitation. Also 10 gallon and 8 gallon walk behind or 60 gallon, 30 gallon and 10 gallon skid mounted direct fired melters are very convenient and inexpensive for crack sealing jobs.

Marathon Hot Mix Transporter

Patching jobs are ideal for these units because of the ability to maintain the proper temperature of the patching material at the job site. These units come in 2 ton or 4 ton capacity. A 410,000 BTU vapor burner is available on the 4 ton model. The 2 ton model has a 300,000 BTU vapor burner. Options are auger discharge, hydraulic dump systems, oil jacketed tanks and many more!

Marathon Liquid Asphalt Distributors

Hot tack insulated distributors come in 585-gallons or 1000-gallons and can be trailer mounted or skid mounted. Both sizes have an 11 hp Honda gas engine and have 60 GPM pumping systems. They have a single vapor propane burner on them. Contact us to find out more about the LD600 and LD1000 series liquid asphalt distributors. Trailer mount unit shown.

Marathon Power Emulsion Spray Unit

Cold tack spraying units are available in 115 or 210-gallon capacities and also in a portable unit when a material drum is used as the supply tank. These units all come with a 5.5hp Honda engine and 10gpm pumping system. Spray wands with 30‘ to 40’ hoses are included with all units too. Skid mount PES200 shown.
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