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Chip Spreader

JFW Equipment is your quality source when you need a used, rebuilt or refurbished Chip Spreader. Our long experience of assessing and repairing almost every type of aggregate spreader insures that you get the best available equipment at the best price.. And we are always purchasing and repairing chip spreaders so be sure to bookmark our page to see our latest offerings.

JFW Equipment is THE trusted source for many paving professionals when seeking a rebuilt, refurbished or used chip spreader, and has been 30 years. We ship worldwide. Contact us. We can help you find the right equipment at the right price.

Aggregate Spreader

We carry rebuilt and refurbished aggregate spreaders from most major brands including Etnyre Chip Spreaders and Rosco Chip Spreaders. Our expertise with used aggregate spreaders and their many component parts insures that you get the best possible chip spreader at the best possible price.

Used Chip Spreader for Sale

Whenever availability allows, we carry rebuilt, refurbished and used Etnyre Chip Spreaders, Rosco Chip Spreaders and other brands.. You can rely on JFW Equipment to choose the best used asphalt paving equipment available and then inspect, repair and revitialize each piece of equipment we sell.

We also frequently have a used chip spreader (or several) that we are currently rebuilding, which are not shown on this site until they are finished. So if you have a particular used rchip spreader in mind, don't hesitate to contact us. We are well known among buyers and sellers world-wide. And we always do our best to help.

JFW Equipment has years of experience in rebuilding chip spreaders. Our long-standing commitment to Asphalt Paving Equipment is built on constant communication with the paving industry.

Email JFW Equipment here or call (866) 685-4998. We can help.

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