Tailgate Stone Spreaders:

The Warren GS tailgate spreaders attach right to your dump truck in place of your tailgate. They come in a couple of different sizes for smaller or larger dump trucks. This is a gravity feed spreader for spreading granular materials for surface treatment type paving. They have a manual feedgate control lever so application can be controlled for various size aggregates. An operator's platform is provided with safety tread and guard rail. 8 ft wide spreading on GS-84 and GS-87 and they have 1 ft increments for smaller width if needed.

GS-84 model is for a 7 ft inside width of dump body and usually works with a standard single axle truck. GS-87 model is for a 7 ft 3 in dump body inside width. It fits a tandem axle standard truck. Modifications for height differences in dump bodies is available.

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