Used Asphalt Pavers

Caterpillar AP1000D Asphalt Paver

Age - 2008
s/n - CATAP100JEAD00276
Condition - Good running and working condition

Wear Part Condition Report Estimate - bogie tires 50-60%, rear tires 50%, augers 60%, conveyor chains 60%, main screed plate 50%, extension screed plates 50%

Caterpillar C7 diesel engine
Remarks -AS2302 screed 10-18 ft w/electric heat, power crown, slope & height, spray down hose & reel, front wheel assist, auger paddles, Cat C7 diesel engine, plumbed for grade & slope controls (No controls included), fume extractor, 7253 hrs, weight approximately 40,000 lbs

Caterpillar AP1000D Asphalt Paver

Age - 2010
s/n - CATAP100CEAD00361
Condition - Good running and working condition

Wear Part Condition Report Estimate - main screed plate 80%, extension screed plates 50%, augers 50%, conveyor chains 50-60%, rear tires 60%, front bogie tires 50%, back bogie tires 75%

Caterpillar C7 diesel engine
Remarks - AS2302 screed 10-18 ft w/electric heat, Cat C7 diesel engine, power crown, slope & height, spray down hose & reel, self lubing system, power auger tunnels, front wheel assist, fume extractor, auger sensors, weight approximately 39,500 lbs

Blaw Knox PF 3200 Asphalt Paver

Age - 2005
s/n - 183494
Condition - Good running and operating condition

Wear Part Condition Report - estimate of life remaining on wear parts - New bogie tires, rear tires 60%, augers 50%, conveyor chains 50%, main screed plate new, extension screed plates new

Cummins 5.9L Diesel Engine

Remarks - Omni IIIA 10-18 1/2 ft screed w/diesel heat, power crown and slope, power auger tunnels, auger paddles, weight approximately 35,220 lbs

Used Asphalt Pavers

JFW Equipment has many years of experience with asphalt pavers. Our experts review, evaluate, and repair as necessary each asphalt paver we purchase, from hopper to screed. Our attention to detail insures that you get an asphalt paver that runs the way it should, with great performance and an even material flow. That way you can work faster, smarter and more economically. Our commitment to quality is why we have grown to be a worldwide supplier of asphalt pavers.

Please take a look at our inventory of asphalt pavers above. We are constantly seeking the best available asphalt spreaders. Our shop then reviews each asphalt paver carefully and makes any repair necessary to return it to good working order.

Used Asphalt Spreader

An Asphalt Spreader is only as good as it's ability to maintain a constant speed and rate of material flow. At JFW Equipment we work to make every asphalt spreader we sell the best it can be. We look for and buy asphalt spreaders from a wide geographic area and then inspect them carefully for any flaws.

Our team of trained mechanics and technicians then make any necessary repairs to insure that you receive a great asphalt spreader for your investment, no matter which size or price point asphalt spreader you choose.

Used Paving Machine

At JFW Equipment, we know that every Paving Machine faces constant wear and tear during it's working life. That is why we take so much care to buy the best used paving machine and then fully inspect it. Our years of experience translate into your gain. Our mechanics thoroughly repair worn parts and trouble areas, insuring you get the best possible paving machine for the money.

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