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Used Asphalt Paving Equipment

New and Used from JFW Equipment

For 30 years, JFW Equipment has provided paving equipment, worldwide. Whether you are seeking asphalt pavers, an asphalt distributor, a road roller or just about any type of asphalt paving equipment, we've got you covered.

Used Paving Equipment

We carry a wide range of paving equipment, from large road wideners to lutes and brooms. Our specialty is refurbishing Asphalt Pavers, Asphalt Distributors and Chip Spreaders but we also work with Road Wideners, Road Rollers and a wide range of Asphalt Paving Equipment. Please look around for more information or contact us at JFW Equipment or 866-685-4998.

New Paving Equipment

We also carry new paving equipment from Marathon Paving Equipment, new trailers from Interstate Trailers and more. Contact us at JFW Equipment or 866-685-4998 to find out.

Used Asphalt Pavers

From hopper to screed, our technicians check and repair as needed each asphalt paver we purchase. We have years of experience with all major manufacturers, including Blaw Knox, Caterpillar, Gehl, Leeboy, Barber Greene, Roadtec, Mauldin, Cedar Rapids and others. Our years of experience can help you find the right asphalt paver in the right working condition.

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Used Asphalt Distributors

JFW Equipment is perhaps best known for providing high quality used Asphalt Distributors. We specialize in Etnyre and Rosco asphalt distributors and will have your distributor ready to put to work when you purchase it.

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Used Asphalt Roller

We feature a large selection of used asphalt rollers, including the products of Ingersoll Rand, Caterpillar, Hamm, Rammax, and others. As with our other equipment, our technicians inspect and repair each piece as necessary before we offer it for sale.

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We also provide other types of equipment for the paving industry and used parts for Blaw Knox Pavers, Etnyre Distributors and other types of equipment as well as some new Caterpillar and Lull parts.

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